Mainstream Media Has It Wrong. .

It has become crazy and almost impossible to trust mainstream media outlets, especially concerning guns.  The race for first to “break the news” has thrown out all accountability and accuracy in reporting.  It’s one thing for an organization to be biased and anti-gun, but to be inaccurate is a whole separate issue.

“There’s a shooting on campus.  Multiple gunmen using Ghost AR15 assault 30 round clip rifles.  School is on lock down.  We need more gun control.”  Seems every shooting is first reported as involving an AR15 or a military “assault weapon” now.  Hours to days later is when the real facts start coming in.  The on-campus shooting that is on my mind turned out to be 3 miles away from the school and not campus housing.  No rifles were used, just a handgun.  This is the norm.  Inaccurate reporting using scripted keywords to grab our attention.  The huge problem here is that most never update the story with the correct details.  Even if they do, the viewers normally are not going back for the correct information.

Feeds, aggregates, channels re-posting the same flawed and inaccurate information.  I do want to say thanks to the news outlets that go back and update their stories correctly as more “details emerge.”  Fear-mongering is happening on both sides of the fence and not truly helping either cause.  As time allows, I plan on diving more in-depth into this topic.

Example reporting below from today.  What is an assault pistol??

Last night I sat in on a live chat covering this topic.  Hosted over on Gun Websites Youtube channel.  Check it out, video is embedded below