Glock 40 Lone Wolf Conversion


We have loved the Glock 40 MOS soo much that it is now has a permanent spot in the safe. The recoil of the 10mm from the 6” slide is minimal, and even better at .40sw pressures! When we first looked at starting this review, was very interested to see if we could shoot .40sw out of the gun as well. There’s a lot of people running .40sw through their 10mm barrels, but this definitely isn’t advisable. It can be done, but why? The chamber length is different between the two and allows more gas to escape in front of the bullet when shooting the .40sw in a 10mm barrel. Yes it might work, but definitely not optimal or recommended by manufactures out there. Not to mention the head-spacing issue.

What we are looking at here is the .40sw being head-spaced off the extractor and not the case itself. With the Lone Wolf conversion barrels, this is not an issue. Not only is the .40sw cartridge more commonly available, it is also cheaper to shoot. The conversion only takes a barrel replacement. The guide rod, recoil springs, and magazines all stay the same! The Glock 40 MOS has over 700 rounds through it with the conversion barrel. Zero issues to date.

If you want more protection from ammo availability issues, the conversion barrels are great to have. Lone Wolf also makes 10mm to .357 sig, 9×26, and 9mm conversion that will work with the Glock 40 MOS. Take your pick! Even if not running the G40, Lone Wolf has conversions for almost every model Glock makes.