New Hampshire “Constitutional Carry” at risk of veto

We’ve had a lot of wins lately for gun owners and I hope they continue.  New Hampshire needs to keep up the fight!  SB 116 has passed and is sitting on the Governors desk. SB 116 Summary: “Repealing the license requirement for carrying a concealed pistol or revolver.” The ball is rolling and the only thing left to stop it, is Gov. Maggie […]

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Mainstream Media Has It Wrong. .

It has become crazy and almost impossible to trust mainstream media outlets, especially concerning guns.  The race for first to “break the news” has thrown out all accountability and accuracy in reporting.  It’s one thing for an organization to be biased and anti-gun, but to be inaccurate is a whole separate issue. “There’s a shooting on campus.  Multiple gunmen using Ghost AR15 […]

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For the revolver fans out there! Not all are carry guns, but still worth a view. [instagram-theatre-gallery instagram_mode=’tag’ instagram_tag=’CCNrevolver’]

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