Mainstream Media Has It Wrong. .

It has become crazy and almost impossible to trust mainstream media outlets, especially concerning guns.  The race for first to “break the news” has thrown out all accountability and accuracy in reporting.  It’s one thing for an organization to be biased and anti-gun, but to be inaccurate is a whole separate issue. “There’s a shooting on campus.  Multiple gunmen using Ghost AR15 […]

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So I Have Shot the Glock 43

As the title says, I have officially shot the Glock 43.  Sent 60 rounds down-range about a week ago.  Will do more shooting with it over time.  Personally, I am a fan of Smith and Wesson, 1911, and Ruger grip angles.  The angle on Glocks are drastically different.   For me, this has not been a real issue with doublestack […]

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Site Updated! More Categories and Dedicated Areas.

I love our CCN Full Feed, except when looking for something specific! Can be rough to scroll through and find what you need. To make things easier, I created dedicated categories on the menu. Not all manufactures are covered, but most are covered. I will be adding more as we go. Some are not vendor specific like “The 1911s” and […]

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