Zenith Firearms Z-5P First Look

Zenith Z-5P Palm Tree

The first experience I had with Zenith Firearms product lines was back in October of 2015 at the IraqVeteran8888 Media Shoot. The amount of rain at the event was crazy! This became a challenge for the semi-auto firearms on the line. Most made it through with no issues, but not all. When my turn came at the Zenith table, I picked up their Z-5P 9mm off the table and was amazed at how much water poured out of the gun. Inserted the mag, dropped the bolt, and proceeded to fire. Not a single feeding issue or failure to fire. Needless to say, they had my attention.

The range was covered in steel from 20 yards out to 100. The rear drum sight has varying apertures for close quarters and longer distance shots. Hitting 20 yard, 10″ steel plates was a joke with the long sight radius. Hits out at 50 on IPSC torso targets were easy as well. Thousands of rounds of ZQI ammo had to be shot that day. I personally went through the zenith booth at least 7 times. Mainly focusing on their roller locks. Saw no issues at all from any of them. And yes, the Z-43 Pistol in 5.56 is a ton of fun as well!


Lets fast forward to a few months later. Zenith sent out the Z-5P for testing and we already love it.

Here are some of the specs:

Caliber – 9mm
OA Length – 13.7 inches
Barrel Length – 5.8 inches
Weight Empty – 4.6 pounds
Operation – semi-automatic, roller-lock, delayed blowback
Sights – rear drum for elevation and windage, front protected post
Magazine – 30-round steel

Includes – rugged plastic carry case, three (3) 30-round magazines, factory cleaning kit, two (2) extra take-down pins, factory Picatinny style optics mount, factory sling and 5-year warranty

Additional – barrel has 3-lug quick attachment and 1/2×28 threaded end

The threaded barrel is a huge selling point. 1/2×28 suppressors can be threaded strait on, or 3-lug quick attach versions can be used. The Z-5P is also a great option when looking to go with a roller lock SBR. After market parts are highly available for MP5 styled weapons. Just have to submit paperwork, wait for ATF approval, and pay your stamp. Getting back to the pistol review of this firearm, we have close to 1,000 rounds through it so far and the range review is coming soon!

Trigger pull sits at the 4lbs 8 oz mark and is really smooth (yes, we measured). The sling helps improve accuracy, especially during long range times where you can really start feeling the weight of the gun. Everything you need really is included in the box. The cleaning kit is nice, and comes with a bore snake. The Z-5P might look complicated to shooters not familiar with the roller-lock designs, but really is easy to take down and clean. Three push pins is all it takes to separate the gun for cleaning. The case is very nice molded plastic and great for hauling to the range. On trips, the Z-5P rides in a messenger bag perfectly. This one has been along for 2,300 miles of travel so far.

Since the Z-5P is sold as a pistol, my local laws cover it under our concealed carry permit! This is a huge factor for us. If this was a rifle or SBR, it would have to be stored in the vehicle with chamber empty. That’s is a big drawback, not to mention slow to deploy! In the pistol configuration, it rides with 30 round magazine in, round loaded into the chamber, and concealed under my permit. Check you local laws. This might be a factor for you as well. Some states allow for open carry, which normally extends to firearms “in plain sight”, in vehicles. So check locally, same thing might apply to that scenario.

These guns are great for just blasting ammo all over the range, but if you slow it down some, they are a lot more.

A very useful tool that can fill multiple roles:

– Option between a standard pistol and SBR
– Personal defense weapon
– Higher capacity concealed carry firearm
– Truck / trunk gun
– Home defense

Tritium sights and red-dots can easily be added to this system. The Picatinny rail allows for any optic to be added, or the whole thing can be removed. I won’t say the options are endless, but hkparts.net will have you covered on any upgrade. The range review will be up soon, so check back with us!