Glock 43 Single Stack 9mm

So who is on the Glock 43 bandwagon?  There are a few single stack 9mm pistols out there matching up closely. Most though have been hit or miss in reliability.  Especially in the search for the smallest possible 9mm.

I entered into this arena when looking for a “deep concealment” pistol. Back then options were very limited and I went with a DiamondBack DB9 (not recommended). The trigger broke after 300 rounds and sent it in for repair a few years ago. The round count since repair is now up to 1,400 rounds and reliable with very specific ammo. Not a chunk every brand of ammo style gun. The Kimber solo has the same issue, as do most of the pocket 9s.   

A lot of the guns aftermarket accessories are lacking as well. Hard to find holsters for some.. Mags for others. The largest success so far seems to be the Springfield XDs. Great sights, good trigger and capacity. Even the XDs had some production issues. They also weigh a decent amount for their size.

Owning the DB9 and loving the size and accuracy of the little thing, it has unfairly become the pistol I rate all other small 9s by. 

Getting to the point, I handled my first Glock 43 yesterday. Stopped by a friends house and gave it a once over before we headed out. Will get better pictures of it later, but I had my db9 along to compare.   

The DB9 beat it in all measurements of course. Both guns have the same 6+1 capacity and the Glock was lighter than expected. The G43 has yet to be shot, but I give the winner of best trigger over to the DB9. Just barely though!  

The Glock 43 is really going to shine in the magazine and aftermarket accessories!  I mean, it is a Glock. I am amazed at how fast the kydex companies on Instagram were on it!  Will add some of their handy work in new post. Another edge up for some will be the ability for the Glock 43 to shoot +P ammo. Some of the other makers specifically do not. Mag capacity is low, but some of the racegun companies already have +2 milled aluminum basepads for it.  Check em out, you might like it!  Will update soon after we hit the range.