Glock 40 MOS 30 Days In

Just hit the 30 day point with the Glock 40 MOS 10mm. Round count is at the 400 mark and continues to grow. We have shot the gun both with iron sights and with the Trijicon RMR06 3.25 MOA read dot. Who doesn’t love a 10mm?

Ammo selection has been a mix of:

– Buffalo Bore 180 grain hollow points
– HPR 180 grain FMJ
– Federal American Eagle 180 grain FMJ
– Armscor 180 grain FMJ
– Remington UMC 180 grain FMJ

No feeding or reliability issues at all. Shooting at 5 yards can lend you one ragged clover shaped hole the opens up more as the distances grows. Personally I average around 6 inch groupings at 20 yards unsupported. The trigger pull sits at 5.75 lb (yes, we measured). For a gun geared towards hunting and longer shots, I would like to see it dropped about a pound from the factory. Even at the 5.75lb mark, more time behind the gun will shrink the groups. Shooting from a bench rest groups are around the silver dollar size.

Being a Glock, after market triggers and holsters are abundant. The G40 MOS will ride in any Glock 20 holster that is opened ended and will allow the added slide length to stick through. From the hunting / backwoods standpoint, Gunfighters INC makes a great chest rig! Very comfortable and easy to put on and take off. The quick disconnect clips are located in a way to make them not interfere or cause issue when wearing a backpack.


I look at the Glock 40 as a multi-purpose handgun. Great for hunting and home protection! We are looking to go beyond that. Optic capable and long-slide from the factory gives you the race gun feel. TucTite holsters sent out an outside the waistband (OWB) rig that is RMR compatible. Lone Wolf Distributors make a Glock 20 long-slide conversion 10mm to .40 SW barrel that fits the G40 perfectly. Allows you to run .40sw ammo by changing only the barrel. Same factory magazine and recoil springs. All we really need is a good magwell and extended magazine base plates to go into competition.


For home defense, the Trijicon RMR06 is a great choice.  The RMR06 does not have auto-adjusting brightness, which I prefer.  When adding a weapons light with momentary on / off usage, there is no waiting for the dot to adjust to the new conditions.  Even the Streamlight 630 lumen TLR-1 HL light did not wash the red dot out.  No adjustment was made.  The dot was at the same brightness level as what we use shooting out in daylight.


Everyone who has shot the Glock 40 loves it. Even full-power 10mm recoil is tamed with the added long slide weight. If you shoot .40sw or .45acp, have no worries moving up to this 10mm! It is really a joy to shoot. Key an eye out for next in the series when we take the Glock 40 MOS inside the waistband for concealed carry!