Century Arms Canik TP9v2 First Look

We have a Century Arms imported Canik TP9v2 in for review. After reading a lot of controversy over the TP9SA, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the TP9v2. Just to be clear, the TP9SA is the single action version with decocker. The TP9v2 is SA/DA (single action and double action). For those who do not know, a double-action gun […]

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For the revolver fans out there! Not all are carry guns, but still worth a view. [instagram-theatre-gallery instagram_mode=’tag’ instagram_tag=’CCNrevolver’]

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CCN Women Shooters

Page updated from the latest Concealed Carry Nation Instagram posts from women shooters. [instagram-theatre-gallery instagram_mode=’tag’ instagram_tag=’CCNwomenShooters’]  

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