Glock 40 MOS 10mm First Look

Glock 40 MOS Unboxing
The Glock 40 MOS 10mm just came in for review! We have been very excited about getting our hands on this one. Being a fan of 10mm and hunters, the news of a longslide optic ready version definitely got my attention! The G40 MOS has the ability to mount most mainstream red-dot sights on the market using changeable adapter plates. We went with the Trijicon RMR06 with 3.25 MOA dot. Trijicon also offers a 1 and 7 MOA variants. The scope of our G40 review was to be from the home protection and backwoods (hiking) standpoints.

The decision on the MOA dot size was easy for us. The 7 MOA dot is great for a carry gun and makes acquiring the dot in the glass easier from the draw, but long distance accuracy can suffer due to the size. The 1 MOA would be great for long distance but would be harder to acquire under pressure or on the draw. Their 3.25 MOA RMR really fills the gap nicely! More accurate than the 7 and easier to find on draw than the 1 MOA. In case you are not familiar with MOA here is a quick breakdown of the 3 versions above

Dot Size (MOA) 100 yards 200 yards
1 1″ 2″
3.25 3.25″ 6.5″
7 7″ 14″

Good news is the G40 comes with a blank plate. This allows the gun to be ran without an optic / red dot just like any other Glock offering. Also helps spread out the costs over time since the investment in the optic and firearm do not have to go hand and hand.


G40 MOS Trijicon

Lets run through the stats real quick

Make: Glock
Model: 40 Gen 4
Caliber: 10mm
Barrel Length: 6.02″
Capacity: 15 (if not in CA)
Weight Loaded: 40.14 oz
Weight Unloaded: 28.15 oz
Sight Radios: 8.19″
Trigger Pull: 5.5 lbs

More measurements can be found on Glocks site if interested. Of course the “loaded weight” differers depending on the load you are running.

What came in the box:

  • G40 firearm
  • Three 15 round magazines
  • 4 changeable backstraps
  • 4 optic adapter plates and screws
  • Cleaning brush
  • Gun lock
  • Manuals

I fell in love the minute I picked this pistol up out of the box! It just felt right, and the Glock grip angle is not my preferred. Things got even better after trying out the medium and large backstraps that extend the beaver tail. Settled with the large strap. Will be writing up a separate post covering mounting of the Trijicon RMR. We have made it out to the range already with this gun. Let me tell you, good things are coming! Keep and eye out for the second and third parts of the review! This gun will be hitting the woods this weekend.


G40 Burnt Log