North American Arms Pug, LaserLyte Mighty Mouse First Look

North American Arms and LaserLyte have teamed up on the .22 WMR (magnum) product line.  The “Mighty Mouse” laser grips will work on all NAA magnum pistols.  For our 3 part review here, they will be riding on a NAA Ported Pug-T.  The -T denotes tritium night sights.

Model: NAA-PUG-T
Caliber: .22 WMR (magnum)
Capacity: 5 rounds
Barrel Lenght: 1″
Sights: Fixed Tritium

The Pug shipped with a lock box.  Definitely love this idea.  Most guns come with a more generic plastic case.  A laptop style locking cable would only make it better.

NAA Pug Lockbox

The pug comes with nice rubber grips.  These things feel great in the hand!

NAA Pug Factory

Now for the fun stuff!  Being a defensive pistol and not just a plinker, we opted for the tritium night sight.  Rear blade is a deep “v” design with the front being tritium.  Most tote these as “get off me guns” and expect very limited range out of them.  For the sights to be visible, the hammer needs to be fully cocked to the rear.  Granted, this is a single-action design that must be cocked first to fire.

NAA Pug LaserLyte

LaserLyte takes us one step farther with their Mighty Mouse laser! These replacement grips adds pressure switch activation for the laser. Just grasping the gun switches the laser on.  The $129 MSRP will turn away some NAA owners, but we are converts. The laser drastically speeds up target acquisition when drawn from concealment. Can easily get on target during the draw stroke.  The laser is easy to dial in with windage and elevation adjustments.  Also, the battery compartment is accessible without removing the grips.

Shooting is a breeze.  We will be shooting as many rounds through the pug as possible and will update as we go.  I did some low light shooting at dusk already.  Even with the ports, I didn’t perceive much muzzle flash.  Bet that will be different once we get it on camera.  The .22 WMR Pug is very easy to control with not much kick in this tiny revolver.

Thanks goes out to the following for helping this review happen:

Keep an eye out for the next 2 parts of North American Arms review!