So I Have Shot the Glock 43

As the title says, I have officially shot the Glock 43.  Sent 60 rounds down-range about a week ago.  Will do more shooting with it over time.  Personally, I am a fan of Smith and Wesson, 1911, and Ruger grip angles.  The angle on Glocks are drastically different.   For me, this has not been a real issue with doublestack Glock models.

Completely different story when I picked up that single stack Glock 43.  I was on target and could get the job done at 5-7 yards “self defense” ranges on the first mag.  I have large hands and where the grip angle on the doublestack glocks didn’t really bother me, on the G43 all I can say is wow.  It was extremely noticeable.  After about 30 rounds donwrange, my groups started to tighten up.  Still not happy with them.  I can say as far as function, the G43 did its part perfectly.  That night, a total of about 200 rounds were shot.  It is a very accurate little gun, and like most, will be able to out perform the shooters.

My friend (owner of the G43) was also shooting it for the first time that night.  He has smaller hands compared to mine, and found the grip size and angle to be a non-issue for him.  He also has better trigger control than me on most nights.  His groups were fine.  Shooting silver-dollar sized groups and smaller at 5 yards.  I will say that the trigger reset is better than most of the single stack 9s in the same size category.  The trigger pull could be worked on to make it even better.  For me the magazine with the extension made no difference for me.

With added trigger time, I would be a lot more proficient with the Glock 43.  Am I as hyped up about it as I was before shooting?  Not really.  Think I am back after a doublestack Glock for my next EDC purchase.  All in part due to ergonomics and the size of my hands.  Even with all that said.. If I had to pick a single stack gun in this size range, it would be the Glock 43 or Smith and Wesson Shield.  Both to me are at the top of the “pocket 9s”.

– Kevin

Glock 43