Rob Pincus PDN Live Chat

If you don’t know who Rob Pincus is, you should really go look him up! I had the chance to jump onto a live chat with him and a others over on youtube. Rob is a very nice guy and had great answers for everything the panelists threw at him. This was an “after show” and we had limited time with him, but it was still one of the best I have been on.

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I had a list of questions (easy) to ask, but only got a few out there. We might have a chance for more soon. Below is a link to the youtube chat hosted by Stoneguy223:


Few of the highlights:

  • Robs current carry gun is an XD-S® 4.0″ Single Stack 9mm
  • He ran the Glock 19 from the “grip reduction” video to the point of the gun having issues/li>
  • Steel vs Paper training? This was really good.. Watch the video for exact wording. Comes down to distance in “defensive” training. When shooting steel, you will be outside the average range of most self defense scenarios. Only way to shoot steel close enough for this style of training is with frangible ammo. Basically, they mainly shoot paper in the classes.
  • Smallest recommended pistol for carry would be a 9mm with minimum 7+1 capacity
  • Check it out! Definitely worth a watch. TacDaddy recorded a session with him before ours.

    – Kevin